Promoting life long learning through quality of education, respect and equality for all
Promoting life long learning through quality of education, respect and equality for all

The Governing Body


The purpose of the governing body is to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Its 3 core strategic functions are:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • overseeing the financial peformance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

If you need to contact a governor, please go through the contact page and your message will be forwarded to the relevant governor.

KTS Trust Members

Ian Bowman (Chair of the Governing Body) appointed 01/12/12

Tony Gavin appointed 04/07/17

Claudine Rhodes appointed 01/06/17

Frances Brown appointed 10/12/15

Maggie Hadland appointed 01/12/12


Name Date Appointed Term of Office - Expiry Governor Title Business and pecuniary interests Attendance 
14/15 15/16 16/17
Alex Betts 24/02/17 23/02/21 Staff None     2/2
Mark Robinson 17/12/16 16/12/20 Co-opted None     2/2
Sarah Gunn 21/10/16 20/10/20 Staff None     3/3
Ruth Sherris 05/07/16 04/07/20 Parent None   1/1 3/3
Fiona Heslehurst 21/09/15 20/09/19 Parent None   2/3 2/3
Frances Brown 17/05/13 16/05/21 Co-opted None 2/3 3/3 3/3
David Major 17/05/13 16/05/21 Associate Member None 3/3 2/3 1/3
Grant Hopkins 07/03/13 06/03/21 Co-opted None 2/3 2/3 2/3
Ian Bowman (Chair) 01/12/12 30/11/20 KTS Trust Appointment None 3/3 3/3 3/3
Dawn Froom 01/12/12 30/11/20 Parent None 3/3 3/3 2/3
Magie Hadland (Vice Chair) 01/12/12 30/11/20 KTS Trust Appointed None 3/3 2/3 3/3
KevinThompson (Headteacher) 01/12/12   Principal None 3/3 3/3 3/3



Finance, Human Resources and Audit Committee:

  • Ian Bowman
  • Kevin Thompson (not for audit business)
  • Frances Brown (responsible officer)
  • Ruth Sherris
  • Mark Robinson

Premises, Health and Saftey Committee

  • Dawn Froom
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Grant Hopkins
  • Ian Bowman
  • Fiona Heslehurst

Curriculum Committee

  • Grant Hopkins
  • Maggie Hadland
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Sarah Gunn
  • Ruth Sherris

Pay Review Committee

  • Frances Brown
  • Grant Hopkins
  • Ian Bowman
  • Fiona Heslehurst

Performance Management Committee

  • Maggie Hadland
  • Dawn Froom
  • Ian Bowman

Governor Training Summary

Governor Training Summary
School Governor Training Summary.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.4 KB]

The Governors

Ian Bowman

"Just a brief note to describe what being a governor and chair means. It is to support the school, pupils, parents and staff. This is done through governors who are members of various committees there are Committees for Health and Safety, Finance, performance to name some. These are set up to monitor the running of the academy as chair I am Chairman of the full governing body meetings. There are some items I need to authorise such as policies, meetings staff issues etc. as Chairman. I am also one of the three members who are "owners of the academy" as charitable company.

Frances Brown

"I became a Governor here not long after my daughter, Stephanie became a pupil at 11 years old. (She’s 28 now!)  I’ve been on several different committees over the past 17 years. I have seen and been part of a lot of changes. The Academy has moved onwards and upwards, always finding ways to improve our pupil’s education with the support of our dedicated staff and leadership. It’s scary sometimes, but exiting to be part of the team working behind the scenes and supporting each other." 

David Major

"I am delighted to be a Governor of KTS as I think the Academy plays a remarkable part in the lives of young people, families and the community. I love the positive buzz I feel when I walk into classes and different parts of the Academy such as the KTS+ – where I can recommend the high quality of service at the Friday café (thank you Jordan) and the quality of the tea and scones!  I have been lucky to have been involved in education all my working life which is since last century! I am passionate about education changing lives and as Governor I am keen to help our exceptional teachers and support staffs have the resources and support to continue to do the amazing job that they do. As a family we were very fortunate to have our three boys taught in excellent Redcar and Cleveland Schools and I hope to help ensure that other families have the same opportunity. Outside of schools and work I love walking the moors; mountain biking; live music, cooking and photography. Even at my age I am still learning lots of new things!"

Maggie Hadland

"Hi, I’m Maggie Hadland and I’ve been a governor at KTS for several years now. I am a lecturer at Teesside University, and have a background in nursing and psychology. I live in Saltburn with my partner and our very old dog, and I am a proud grandma to two gorgeous little girls.  I was very proud to be asked to be one of the Members of KTS when we achieved academy status, and as well as being link governor for Arts, my other governor roles include the Curriculum Group and the Head Teachers’ Performance Management.

Kevin is an inspirational head teacher and the most difficult aspect of performance review is getting him to do less! I have recently taken on the role of governor responsible for safeguarding. I believe this to be a crucial aspect of providing good care for the children at KTS, and having worked as a counsellor in schools I have a good understanding of what the role entails.  However, I am going to do some training in October so I can be as effective as possible. I am retiring from the university at the end of August, so hopefully will have more time to spend at KTS getting to know the pupils. I’m looking forward to it!"

Mark Robinson

Hello, my name is Mark Robinson and I became a Co-Opted Governor at KTS in December 2016.  I was born in Brotton and during my childhood attended St Peter’s Primary and Warsett Secondary schools. There was, at that time, a lot of interaction between the schools, given their proximity to each other, and this enabled me to see first-hand the huge and positive difference that KTS makes to the lives of the young people who attend.  When my wife began working at KTS in September 2016, I was delighted to be asked if I would be interested in joining the governing body. The academy has a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere and what always strikes me is how the provision of education is so focussed on the well-being and progress of the pupils as individuals. It is undoubtedly this approach, coupled with the dedication of the staff that has led the academy to gain the excellent reputation that it has consistently enjoyed. I am proud to be a part of the academy as a governor and to contribute in any way I can. I am currently a member of the Finance, Human Resources and Audit Committee.

Professionally, I am a practising barrister and outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and young son along with running our smallholding. There are rarely enough hours in a day.

Grant Hopkins

"For the last nine years I have worked in East Cleveland as Headteacher of Lockwood Primary School in Boosbeck. I have had the pleasure of working with the Students and Staff of KTS in various capacities over those years and when approached to become a governor I jumped at the chance. Outside of work I live in Darlington with my wife and two children. Sport plays a big part in our lives and I coach rugby in the junior section of Darlington RFC. If I’m not doing that I’m transporting my children to trampolining, judo, scuba diving, swimming, dancing, tennis or another sport they’ve started that week!

I must confess that in recent years I do enjoy the peace and quiet of secluded beach during the school holidays. I always enjoy visiting KTS and as a governor I am proud to see the hard work being undertaken by the dedicated Staff and volunteers to improve the learning experiences for the students that they work with. KTS is an inspirational place to be at and if as a governor I can help maintain that and make it even better in a small way I’d be truly happy! "

Kevin Thompson

"I am not sure if families are aware, but as serving Headteacher of KTS Academy I am automatically a member of the Governing body. Along with Frances Brown, I am one of the longest serving governors (currently 11 years).  Each term one of my tasks is to write and present the ‘Headteacher’s Report’ to the Full Governing body. This report highlights the developments and successes we have had during the previous term.

A key role of the Governing body is to challenge and support the senior leadership of the school and we are fortunate to have a very able Governing body which has a wealth of expertise and experience. They certainly do an excellent job in holding myself and the senior leadership of the school to account. I feel extremely privileged and very proud to be Headteacher of such a wonderful school and I passionately believe in the school values of respect, tolerance and equality for all.  Every child really does matter at KTS.  As a parent of 5 children I feel I can certainly empathise with the joys and pressures of bringing up a family in this day and age and as a school I feel it is so important to have strong partnerships with all of our parents and families to enable us to give the best support to every child. When I am not in school or doing school work at home I tend to relax by reading, listening to music, walking and watching my fish.

Dawn Froom

My name is Dawn Froom and I have been a parent Governor for a number of years. I am on the Health and Safety Committee and I am proud to be part of a wonderful school. My daughter, who has autism, has attended this school since she was 9 years old. I also help to raise funds for the “Friends Association” by providing a school disco throughout the year. This has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of the children and marvellous staff.

Fiona Heslehurst

My name is Fiona and I am mum to Leah in green class. Leah is 11 and has profound and multiple learning difficulties. As a parent I have seen first-hand how the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff throughout KTS can have a positive impact on a child’s life. We chose KTS for Leah because of the warm feeling we got on our initial visit. We were greeted by many of the young people and staff and felt that the atmosphere set it aside from other schools we had seen. I am part of a local support group for families of children with special needs and run a website and online support forum for families affected by Kleefstra syndrome. I would love to represent families’ views as I strongly believe a great relationship between the family and school, is key to providing education and opportunities for our young people.

Ruth Sherris 

I have recently been appointed Parent Governor and am really excited and ready to embrace this role. I am looking forward to working with the other governors in continuing to maintain this fantastic school as well as looking how we move forward and improve. My son Luke is a pupil at KTS academy, in purple class. We wanted Luke to come to KTS as we were impressed by its relaxed, inclusive and individual approach to education. I am passionate about life Long learning and have an interest in new and diverse approaches to learning. Professionally I am a registered nurse working for a busy NHS trust. This gives me a good understanding of health issues and how individuals ca be supported holistically in education. Working within a large organisation gives me an appreciation of local and national policies which impact on service delivery. I also understand the need for organisations to change and explore solutions and develop services. In what little free time I have I enjoy, cycling, zumba and running.

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