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Key organisations and bodies

A lot of dedicated people are needed to make a school function in the best possible way. This page provides details of some of the organisations and bodies that support the school management in the continuous development of KTS Academy.


KTS Academy Governing Body

Kilton Thorpe Friends Association

The Friends' association represents and supports parents in their concerns. They carry out various projects that we are unable to able to carry out on our own, for example raising funds and holding out-of-school events.



Pauline Phoenix



Rachel Stevenson



For news about Kilton Thorpe Friends Events, see the News section.

Student Council

Our thriving student council comprises pupil representatives from across the school and encourages pupils to believe that, by voicing their ideas and opinions, they can make a difference and bring about change. The opportunity to raise funds for charities, as well as the chance to engage with local schools, community groups and residential homes in a wide range of activities, also encourages a sense of belonging and strengthens pupils' confidence and self-esteem.


Promoting life long learning through quality of education, respect and equality for all.

The School Rules

Always Respect Yourself And Others

Be Responsible


Always Consider Others And Be Kind

Try Your Best

Believe In Yourself

Always Look After Your Environment

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