Parent Feedback

We would like you to tell us what you and your child thinks of the school. Please click on the link below.




  • An outstanding school with amazing staff. My child is very lucky to have a place in this school. He has progressed in ways we never thought possible and it is the hard work and dedication of the staff that have made this possible. Forever thankful.


  • KTS is a fab school the staff are fantastic. Our son as progressed so much since he started. Thank you. School is excellent.


  • I feel our child has come on in lots of ways since attending KTS. She is always happy to get on the bus to go to school.


  • We absolutely love the school and the staff. Our son has made amazing progress in the last 10 months. Thank you.


  • Not enough emphasis on developing the children to reach their maximum potential. On the whole I am happy, however I think that some methods used for development are ineffective and I feel that the school is not always open to embracing news ideas, or individual tailoring of teaching approaches. I feel that SALT is woefully inadequate with group sessions inappropriate and resource driven rather than the best for the pupils. The teaching staff are incredibly caring and take a keen interest in their class and work hard to progress the development although I would like to think that my boys were stretched a little more to maximise their future potential.




  • My son loves coming to school. I feel happy my son is in a safe place where the people care about him. School requires refurbishment and modernisation in places, which is a work in progress.


  • I think the school is excellent for education and staff are very happy and always willing to help the only concern I have got is giving medication when I have asked staff to give medication.


  • Excellent school. We feel so lucky to have this school on our doorstep.


  • I feel my child is encouraged to be independent and taught skills to help him get on in life. It is nice to know that the staff know your child well and they know what to do to get the best out of them. The school has a family feel to it that I think helps the children learn.




  • We have always believed we made the best choice of school for our son. The school cares for the individual needs of all its students.


  • KTS is the most amazing school. I have been given so much help and support over the last 5 years. Thank you.


  • Only one not strongly agree as sometimes my child tells me what he has and it is more treat food than something to be eaten every day.




  • Kilton Thorpe School has been the best school I could of chosen for my son. He has learnt things I never thought he would. If he is upset by anything they seem to know exactly what to do and how to calm the situation. I am so glad that we chose this school and we are sorry that our child has to leave this year.


  • As parents we are well informed about our child from school. Very happy in general with teaching staff which all do a fantastic job.


  • KTS is a fantastic school. Our daughter has gained confidence and enjoys most things on offer at KTS. The staff are very approachable and done everything possible for our daughter. I have recently recommended KTS to another parent, who have applied for a place because they were so impressed.


  • Very happy with the school. Very welcoming school, happy with the life skills my daughter is learning. She's very settled in this school which makes us parents happy.

Pupil Feedback



  • I enjoy: ICT, cooking, maths, English, media lessons at Freebrough and many more. I think the school is great the way it is and should not be changed. The staff treat me nicely and know how to keep me safe in situations.


  • I feel very safe in school all the time. It has been a fantastic school all the time I have been here.


  • I would like a football team.


  • KTS Academy was a great place for me to start in. It's well organised and everyone treated fairly (which makes me happy). And everyone here is kind and caring.


  • I enjoy sports and the inflatables.


  • I think this school is great. It really gives me advice for me to get to adulthood and I'm having good times there.


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