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Our school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities: school trips, festivals and project days help children live and work together and develop their social skills. 


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Here are some comments made about our school by our families, taken from the 2015-16 surveys:


KTS Academy


Parent/Carer Perception of School - July 2016

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In which phase is your child: KTS1


I love the school and feel my son has really come on.


My son has gained independence skills due to the encouragement of staff. He is happy to go to school each morning and talks about the other pupils and staff. His reading and writing has improved thanks to hard work from all of us working as a team - school and home and my son.


Extremely happy with my child's progress at this school due to fantastic teachers.


Thank you for all your amazing work and support it is greatly appreciated and I don't know where we would be without each and every one of you at KTS. Thanks again.


A school that truly cannot be praised enough thank you. We would really benefit from a school holiday club.


Outstanding in all areas. Can't praise school enough.


My son is so happy and settled at school. He has amazing support through his day. We are very happy with all aspects and opportunities KTS has to offer.


In which phase is your child: KTS2


KT is an all round exceptional Academy. Their overall standards are very high. We as parents are very happy with every aspect they offer from education through to staff. The staff are very experienced and easy to gain access to them if we have any issues. We are very pleased with the Academy and so is our son!.


An outstanding school with excellent staff.


In which phase is your child: KTS3


My son is growing with confidence and I am able to tell school of any concerns which can then be covered in PHSE through puberty and stranger danger.


This School has been the best thing for my son!.


I would just like to thank all the staff for their work their have done. This year. Thank you.


All staff we have come to know are friendly and approachable. No negatives to comment on.


The academy has always had an open, friendly welcome to all children and their families.


So happy I have chosen this school for my child she is so happy and settled in this school. Love getting the comments from her school day in her home book. It's lovely to hear what she has been doing.


In which phase is your child: KTS+


Fantastic school with fantastic staff. Glad we made the choice to send our daughter here. The support she and we receive is great. I have already told someone I know to come and have a look around for their child as they hadn't been told/thought about KTS.




My son is really happy at KTS, the school is excellent responding to every need and every issue that has come up. I can't speak highly enough of the school, the way it is ran and managed. I hope this continues when my son goes to KTS+ so he can achieve his full potential.


The hard work and dedication of the teachers is fantastic. Both boys have come on so much in the years attending KTA.


Overall excellent school.


And here's what the pupils think:


KTS Academy


Pupil Survey - July 2016

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Neat cool awesome fun sporty the school is lovely.



The school is good. Activities are good. Teachers good. Staff are good. Kids are good.


No swearing.


I like football.


I enjoy running and biking during lunchtimes.


The activities I enjoy the most are swimming and playtimes. I also enjoy educational visits. The staff are really nice and kind.


I would like more dinnertime clubs. More lessons on different topics. More things on the yard. I like swimming and playing with my friends.


I would like a swing set on the yard. I like the fast swings. I like when we can draw.


I enjoy joining in with football at playtimes.


I would like youtube unblocked (the ones that swear to stay blocked). I like trips and snacks.


I would like my own little room and also it would have a computer with a load of things I would like on it. I would like a child friendly version of Youtube (that blocks the nasty things but keeps the good things).


I like all of school.


I like cookery.


I like free play.


The school is good. The school is cleaned every day. The teachers are good and keep me safe.


My teachers help me do my work.


I am happy at school and I enjoy maths.


I enjoy soft play and maths.


I like Art and being around friends and new people.


I've enjoyed in all the trips that we've done and I've really enjoyed my work experience, especially with primary in the early years bit I hope I can do my work experience with the children in September.



Promoting life long learning through quality of education, respect and equality for all.

The School Rules

Always Respect Yourself And Others

Be Responsible


Always Consider Others And Be Kind

Try Your Best

Believe In Yourself

Always Look After Your Environment

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