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KTS Academy

Our Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Kevin Thompson             (kthompson@ktsacademy.org.uk)

School Business Manager: Brenda McCabe (bmccabe@ktsacademy.org.uk)

Deputy Head: Brian Richardson            (brichardson@ktsacademy.org.uk)

Assistant Head: Sarah Gunn                 (sgunn@ktsacademy.org.uk)

School Leaders:

Lower School Leader:

Responsible for:

Alexis Gardner KTS1 (Early Years)
  KTS2 (Primary)
Upper School Leader: Responsible for:
Claire Smith KTS3 (secondary)

Our Teaching Team



Lisa B'Durga KTS1 red
Nikki Daniels KTS1 blue
Stacey Robinson KTS1 pink
Emma Longstaff KTS1 orange
Sue Thompson KTS2 green
David Barrett KTS2 purple
Sandra Barry KTS2 yellow

Lauren Hunt

KTS2 white

Elizabeth Luxton KTS2 grey
Tracy Kelly KTS3.1
Karen Jackson KTS3.2
Claire Carmichael KTS3.3
Chris Race KTS3.4
Danielle Inkpen KTS3.5
Alex Betts KTS+
Sam Smith KTS+
Sonia Peckham KTS+


KTS Academy is committed to the safeguarding of its pupils.

For your information the Child Protection Officer for our school is Kevin Thompson, or, in Kevin’s absence, Brian Richardson.

The school Governor for Child Protection is Maggie Hadland.


Promoting life long learning through quality of education, respect and equality for all.

The School Rules

Always Respect Yourself And Others

Be Responsible


Always Consider Others And Be Kind

Try Your Best

Believe In Yourself

Always Look After Your Environment

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