Within Upper School at KTS Academy we follow the same curriculum as lower school, with an additional focus on careers and independent living, which are taught through stand alone lessons. 



Independent Living Skills


At KTS3 Independent Living Skills are promoted in;

  • Self help - dressing, eating, toilet training, independent travel, personal shopping and budgeting
  • Personal hygiene - washing, bathing and personal care
  • Safety - in the home and the community, household cleaning


They are delivered and experienced through an individualised curriculum suitable to the needs of each student. Independent Living Skills fall within several categories including PHSE and Citizenship within the Academies Bsquared assessment system and this is how progress is recorded.


For more complex students with sensory and physical difficulties, it is ensured that any therapeutic approaches are embedded within Independent Living Skills. Each child has their own individual therapy guidelines/strategies and teachers refer to these and ensure any equipment needs are in place and any students who are able to, can prepare themselves with equipment before every lesson, for example writing slopes, Picture Exchange communication system (PECS) books, pen grips and communication devices.


All Post 16 students within KTS3 gain a qualification in Independent Living Skills through ASDAN Personal Progress. There is a 3 year rolling programme to ensure a full curriculum is delivered.


At KTS+ (14-19) the focus is to help young adults to become as self-sufficient as possible, we encourage them to develop skills for independent living, such as looking after yourself, problem solving, decision making, risk management and communication. Students gain practical experience of budgeting, shopping, preparing meals, carrying out domestic chores and taking responsibility for their own personal care. Within KTS+ students are taught Independent Living Skills as a discrete subject. All students have opportunities to gain accreditation through either NOCN/OneAwards or the ASDAN award scheme depending upon their level.





U1, U2, U3 follow the Talentino Bambino Curriculum 

U4, U5, U6 and KTS+ follow the Talentino Careers at Every Level


For further information regarding the curriculum, please see our Learning and Teaching section. 





All Post 16 students work towards a qualification in English, Maths and Independent living. Qualifications are determined by appropriate level and capabilities:


  • ASDAN Personal Progress
  • NOCN Functional Skills English Entry Level 1,2,3
  • NOCN Functional Skills Maths Entry Level 1,2,3
  • NOCN Independent Living Skills Entry Level 1,2
  • NOCN Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development Entry Level 3


KTS+ 16-19 Study Programme


Some of the students at KTS+ follow the 16-19 Study Programme as their curriculum. This means that some the students study:


  • A qualification in English and Maths (Functional Skills) 
  • A vocational qualification which includes Independent Living Skills
  • Work experience 
  • Non-qualification activities, such as tutorials and work-related learning.


Each afternoon focuses on vocational subjects that the students have chosen around their personal interests. Each vocational subject is accredited through the above qualifications. Fridays are work experience days; for further information regarding work experience, please look at our careers section.


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