Claire Smith, Careers Leader is responsible for the transition process from KTS Academy for students who are Post 16.

The process is very individual and designed by the students own interests and needs.


Please read the Transitions Process below; this is used throughout every school year. 


Students are either Year 14 or identified as an early leaver during the Annual Review and this can be due to need or own choice. A transition group is developed from this. 


The transition group will have sessions about leaving, career development, jobs, colleges, independent living etc. There will be an initial meeting with the SEN Careers Advisor.


KTS will hold 2 transition events in school and invite all transition students and parents to attend and learn about what is available for each individual student. We hold a Social Care transition day and a FE transition day, which invites all providers to attend and deliver a presentation to the group about what they offer and what is needed to qualify for their service. 1:1 sessions are available at their table afterwards with any parent and student. Other services that attend are Independent Travel Trainers, Social Workers, Welfare Rights, Job Carving and the local SEN Careers Adviser.


Leavers reviews are held for all transition students. Their EHCP is reviewed and potential destinations are discussed and a transition profile is completed with all parties adding to it. Transition sessions to local providers are planned and each student will attend all of the centres they have expressed an interest in viewing. Parents are also able to visit each provider in their own time with the student and they are given feedback from all visits the pupil has during school time.

KTS hold a Welfare rights clinic to offer advice to parents and the young people about benefits and what they are able to claim.


Transition sessions take place to each local provider and long transition plans are designed and sessions booked in as required.


Mid-year Leavers reviews take place and parents are invited to make a more formal decision about future placements. If a provider has been identified, they will also be invited to the review to discuss the student and start to plan the transition.


Students complete taster days and transition session to their future providers. The SEN Careers Advisor completes an individual meeting with the student as and when needed to complete application forms and interview techniques etc.


A final leavers review is held with future provider, parents and any services involved with the young person. 


Transition Events

KTS Academy would like to thank all the parents, specialist providers and colleges for supporting our Transition Information Days at KTS+. It is always great to see such diverse provision with so many exciting opportunities for our leavers. Families will be kept informed of the next Transitions Event. 


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