Transition Visits

Our KTS+1 teacher Alex Betts is responsible for ensuring KTS are delivering all elements of the agenda such as work experience, careers and transition. As part of the study programmme curriculum, our students are visiting employers to find out about local industry and jobs. We are working with a charity called 'Making Something Happen' who is organising some of these visits for us. 
The contact with employers is really valuable for our students as they learn about opportunities that are accessible for them and so raises aspirations for employment. It gives students a taster of the different jobs available in different sectors and so far we have identified students are interested in hospitality, catering, engineering, retail, warehouse work, transport and art. We are trying to visit employers for each sector of interest. The students are enjoying them and have been asking some excellent questions!
We are very grateful to Steve at MSH and the fabulous employers that have made us feel so welcome and supported us so far: British Steel, Hartlepool College, Grinkle Park Hotel & AV Dawson. 
Please click on the link below to find out more about local chairty, Making Something Happen. 

AV Dawson Employer Visit

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