KTS Vision & Values


Supporting lifelong learning, and happiness, through quality education, respect and equality for all.



At KTS Academy we will strive for lifelong success and happiness for every individual. Through high quality teaching, tailored support and a rich and varied curriculum that goes beyond the academic, we provide our pupils with the best possible educational experience. Every pupil is valued greatly and their achievements are recognised and celebrated. 



A Unique Child

We celebrate and nurture individuality, working with families and professionals to ensure pupils are able to express themselves and make progress in their preferred way.


Positive Relationships

Positive relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Staff are empathic, supportive and demonstrate great care for the pupils. From initial meetings with families, to supporting them when their child leaves school, having respectful and supportive relationships with families is crucial. Staff support each other and well-being for all is high priority.


Enabling Environments

The school environment provides spaces that are rich and varied and expertly tailored to meet the needs of the pupils they cater for. Leaders are reflective and learning environments are regularly adapted and updated to ensure pupils have access to the highest quality provision.


Learning and Development

Experienced and skilled staff ensure pupils are equipped with the independence, knowledge, skills and resilience they need for the future, through an individualised, ambitious curriculum which goes beyond the academic. Pupils are challenged at an appropriate level and given a wide range of experiences to develop their knowledge and interests, which prepares them for life.

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