What a Success!


KTS+ received a phone call at the end of September from one of our ex-students Pheobe. She told us she has received her very first pay packet from work. She was so proud she wanted to let us all know.


While Phoebe was at KTS+ she spent 2 years on work placement at James Cook University Hospital on the Children’s Ward entertaining the patients. This then led to Phoebe gaining a place on a Supported Internship at James Cook Hospital, when she left KTS in 2017. Phoebe successfully passed this course and was asked to apply for a full time apprenticeship position on the Children’s Ward as a play and therapy worker. The department could not imagine how they would cope without Phoebe working with them and she was offered the job and started in September. At the end of September, she received her first pay and was over the moon. We are very, very proud of her and her achievements!


Liam started KTS Academy in 2009 until 2017. During that time, he gained valuable work experience at Beyond Boundaries and this continue while Liam studied at college.


Liam attended Askham Bryan College from Sept 2017 – Sept 2019, completing Gardening and Animal Management. During that time, he attended Beyond Boundaries on his days off from college gaining on site training. Through hard work and training from the wonderful staff at Beyond Boundaries, Liam has successfully secured a job at Beyond Boundaries and he is a valued member of staff.  





Liam story in his own words;


"After leaving KTS, I went onto college at Askham Bryan. In the first year, I did Gardening and in second year I completed Animal Management. At Beyond Boundaries, I like working with all the animals and you learn different things all the time. You get to work with different kinds of people on their skills. You get different experiences every time you’re there, for example dry stone walling, walking the llamas and the donkeys, doing wood work and all different kinds of stuff every week at the farm."


Anthony Laffan (Beyond Boundaries)


"Liam has recently been learning about beekeeping. He is excellent with the animals, be it pigs or tortoises. He should be proud of his work lambing this spring. The skills he picked up from KTS such as working with others and sharing empathy for other people were contributing factors to us giving him a job."

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