Sensory Intergration

Sensory processing is the ability to organise sensory information coming through touch, movement, sight and sound for use in daily life and also the ability to respond in an appropriate way. If a child has problems with this they have difficulty taking in organising and processing sensory information which can affect behaviour, influence the way they learn, move, relate to others and feel about themselves. Many people with autism experience difficulties with their sensory processing. Sensory Integration can help people with sensory processing disorders regulate their sensory systems.


We have an OT from Treetops Occupational Therapy, who comes into school on Tuesdays. The therapist designs sensory diets and plans for students who need them. Sensory resources are available to support sensory processing difficulties (e.g. weighted resources, gym balls, jumping cushion, tactile equipment, vibrating cushions). All staff have training in sensory integration and how to deliver pupil’s sensory plans.


We have a newly refurbished sensory integration room, which contains specialist equipment. Pupils can use this rooms to complete their sensory programmes and access it when they need additional support with their sensory needs. 


As well as in our sensory integration room, pupil’s sensory needs are catered for within the classroom and pupils have access to a range of resources to help keep them regulated throughout the day – a sensory diet, carefully integrated into a pupil’s curriculum, can help keep them regulated and increase engagement.


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